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Liquid in a Bottle shader, uses a combination of local and world vertex co-ordinates remapped to a 0 – 1 size over the mesh to create the varying water effects here. The local vertex coordinates are multiplied with the frequency to give multiple waves per period.

That Bouncy Thing – HD Advertisment and Trailer – Responsibilities: Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Prop modelling and texturing, Animation on varying shots.

That Bouncy Thing Game – Responsibilities: Shader creation, scripting, tooling, character concept, modelling and texturing (Gingerbread Man) (Recently includes the creation of Dynamic physics driving interactive water, which is not shown in this trailer but penciled to appear in an update, alongside a shader driven fireball effect)

For more screenshots and information:

That Bouncy Thing Android Store Page

Cat Logic Trailer :

Due for Release very soon – Rendering Support with help of bespoke network render management tool and skin and fur clothing shader and skin texture creation

Cat Logic Australian App Store – Soft Launch Link

Other Technical Art:

Sound Test from Chris Harper on Vimeo.

Python script written to extract waveform data and animate a digital EQ in Maya. Uses an external script to process the file and then key frames the values.

Houdini Effect to simulate water erosion, sped up many times over for the sake of showing the whole simulation in a reasonable time frame. The idea was to get the effect running as close to real time as possible, which meant avoiding cookie SOP’s. The deformation is mainly carried out using VOP’s instead.

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