Monthly archives: December, 2013

Old Payne Environment

Just realised this hasn’t been posted anywhere. My environment work I completed for “Old Payne” our FMP Animation.



Inspired by the Rammus image from Grump Monkey and made my own Blitzcrank. Gotta love LoL 🙂


Mine! 😛


Grumpy Monkey

Turnaround to come when I finally get it compressed.

EDIT: Someone mentioned that I should post the texture maps for this, so yeah, in a few days when I’ve got everything together (I have, again, something a little more pressing I need to work on :P) I’ll post that and the low poly version up for everyone 🙂

WIP Blitzcrank

Quick WIP shot render from a Blitzcrank model I’m making (A character from the game League of Legends). Was inspired by Grumpy Monkey’s Rammus. Quite a way to go on this one before I’m happy with it.

EDIT: Might be worth mentioning this is around 6 hours work from scratch. Definitely want to finish this off. Gotta work on something else during this week though. Busy busy.


My other project with the heads is still ongoing, I’ll attempt to finish them all and post up next weekend!

Sculpts for a friendly project…

Been busting out the work as of late, required to get this project finished on a tight deadline, this is the product of the last four days sculpting in Zbrush.