Monthly archives: July, 2013

Freelance Job!

So after a bit of searching and some help from a friend or two landed myself a bit of freelance work with Angels Media, producing a little something for release sometime soon, I’ll try and keep people posted about whats happening, but its all very hush hush at the moment until the project goes live.. exciting tho! 🙂

Grad show and show reel page!

So, done my one day I could at my grad show, got to meet some nice new people! Shame I couldn’t turn up for the second day to catch everyone though, going to crack on with some new work now though, see if I can produce something good 🙂

Also added a new page that I can change and update with my latest showreel, link is on the top bar of this blog, feel free to go and take a look. Keep checking back, could change at any time

This image keeps coming back to inspire me at the moment, might just have to do something about that…

Train Station

Little doodle…

Did me a little doodle of Ellie from the Last of Us, aged her a few years to see what she’d look like at around 18. Got inspired looking through the character art for the game, some fantastic stuff! Preparing myself for doing some similar character design work.. maybe more to follow, in between applying for jobs!

2013-07-09 16.44.40

Bournemouth Grad Reel

Featured in the Uni graduation reel, TWICE! I take that as a small win. The show reel displays work from other talented graduates from BU. Go us!

Go on, click the link 🙂 Can’t embed it here.

The Grad Reel!