Monthly archives: June, 2013

Showreel time!

After some seriously long hours, working on my own and with some of the best people I know I’ve finally been able to come up with this, my first showreel.

Hope you like 🙂

Payne Breakdown Reel

Personal breakdown reel from my latest project, Old Payne.

Had a great time, looking forward to whatever’s next 🙂

I’ve also included some pretty stills from the animation just in case anyone wanted a look.




Old Payne – Major Project Complete!

This was our third year final major project.

Was incredibly fun and a lot of love and hard work went into this piece from all the team members.


Chris Harper: Director, Lead Texture Artist, Modeller, Lighting Artist, Lead Rendering
Krystle Yeoh: Art Director, Concept Artist, Lighting Artist
Felix Chan: Technical Director, Rigger, Character Artist, 8-Bit Artist
Amanda Cheng: VFX Artist, Lead Modeller, Texture Artist, Rendering
Isaac Hoar: Lead Animator
Josh Radburn: Director of Photography, Animator

Dat Equaliser….

Been taking a look at my script I made in the first year of uni for this lately, mainly remembering how I got the audio in time with the video, but just in case any of you haven’t seen it, hit play below.

I’m about to start updating this. So if you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled.

One thing I realised is that as it stands it doesn’t grab the correct audio pitches, so the although I have the audio matching, it can’t be 100%, looks right tho.

Have plans to get pfx grass, liquid and a simple spline waveform once I’ve cracked how to get it to display right. The spline wave should be fine with it as it is thinking about it, anyway enough waffle. Demo below. Nasty playblast tho, sorry.

Attempt at realism

Tried to draw as realistically as I could, there’s a lot I could work on here, but I’m happy with the end result as its probably the best I’ve done so far.


Sony Masterclass – Character Design

Another one of my uni projects, this one got a huge redesign a little while in, was for Sony, as a masterclass in character design.