Monthly archives: October, 2010

Round 2…

I only have a small self portrait image to upload today, just an exercise for life drawing… Hope you like!

National Self Portrait day on Nov 1st as well (, think I might try another one for then =)

Busy, busy, busy….

Well I have been phenomenally busy over the last few weeks with project work, who knew Uni was this hard…? We have started looking at basic creative techniques, pretty simple to be honest, the mindmap… however I must say, when I used it properly has helped me come up with more ideas than I would normally, seems to work better than I remember it at school, however I have done more of my own research into other ideas/methods… such as Edward de Bonos “Six Hats” lateral thinking exercise, which seems quite powerful, I was wondering if anyone had any other techniques or methods they use to create or find a new idea?

Apologies for the bad scanning in the larger image files – I have been scanning in A3 pages with an A4 scanner and having to recompose the image, getting better each time though so should have better scans with good colour consistency soon!

EDIT: I also just realised that the first image is missing my compound word from the top corner, have no reuploaded with the word there!

EDIT: Feedback on my work has said that I should add colour and experiment more with colour in the mindmaps to come up with colour palettes for the work.

Back from the dead…!

Been away for what seems ages now! Sorry to all who come buy and take a look at how I am getting along… I have just moved close to my Uni and have just finished sorting all my junk out… I should have some new material up very soon. Including evolutions of many scribbles into full pieces of work!

Considering starting some video tutorials of my work soon, try and give me something to aim for… so you may well see some test videos, please tell me what you think!