Monthly archives: June, 2010


Although its a shame England lost, I feel that the afternoon wasn’t too downbeat as I managed to complete a piece with my old nemisis, the oil pastels… Its a simple collection of objects that mean something to me. I’m pretty sure many of you will recognise them.

Plus I got my hair cut finally and managed to do a couple of pages of people up town, when I have a decent collect I will upload them to the Life Drawing section of my gallery (which has now been updated, new theme for it coming soon!)

Anyway, hope you enjoy the above picture, let me know what you think! 🙂


Busy day tomorrow, haircut, drawing session in the town around the coffee shops, back home for some furious painting then back here to upload and continue updating the website. As you may have noticed with a few minor changes here and there, version 1.1 is on the way. Any feedback on what could be improved here, or what you would like to see more of would be great! Thanks 🙂

Exhibition Pictures!

As promised to you, here are some pictures of my exhibition, quite rough with minimal editing I might clean them up better at a later date if people take interest in having some copies. The other work seen in the exhibition area (visible in the longer shots) is my girlfriends as we shared the space together. I feel its been quite succesful for me, in hindsight the classroom and the exhibition area were quite out of the way and I would have liked more people to have been easily able to see the area. Overall though I’m happy, it has been good and I have seen some pretty cool pieces of work.


Onwards Men!

The exhibition is now almost over… saw some very lovely work, one which especially caught my eye as mind blowing was an illustrated book by David Knight, entitled “Walter Simeon Chompski” or “The Tiger that Ate the World” which along with the illustrations is a beautiful book. The only information I have on this piece is a link to which gives a preview of the book.

Going to take some pictures of my work tomorrow, put them up here so people can see what all the fuss has actually been about!

Exhibition Day One

First night of the exhibition, pretty wierd, so many people, not sure what to say, what to do… some of the stuff was simply lovely though.

Exhibition time…

Alices first outing on Friday… other than on here. Hope it goes well…

Upload time!!!

My college final major project, now with the title Project: Alice has been uploaded to this site and facebook! 🙂 Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.

View the items in the Gallery by clicking here.

Also I uploaded a little watercolour I did for my girlfriends birthday, that one is in the paintings folder. (Also posted below)


Final Piece!

The final piece of my Alice in Wonderland project is about be embarked upon! I wish I had an A3 scanner to be able to put my other 3 pieces up, going to have to wait till I go into college to be able to put them all online, can’t wait.