Monthly archives: April, 2010

Work Uploaded!

Finally got my work onto the website, checkout the gallery and let me know what you think!

I have ze technology!

Chosen my FMP theme, wanna do some illustrations around Through the Looking Glass, in light of the new film and liking American McGee’s style, I wanted to have a shot at making some vibrant and very twisted images of my own. Have started to read a very old and lovely version I found in my grandparents house, should refresh my memory! Any thoughts?

Centre bug

Small bug with centering the website now fixed, site should display fine in all major resolutions now, just leaves some work to put up and to sort the shop out now!

The good stuff!

Aww yeah…. CLICK! (Scroll down when you get there)


Final Major Project Proposal :S

Much better

All the pages should be working now… 🙂


This is a lot of work… I never expected setting up a website to be so hard, I feel like ive done so little today. I have my one little corner of the world and im trying to gain a little bit of popularity here and there but simply, its just hard. I really want to make a good go of this and I honestly have no idea what I’m doing.

Difficult times

Its been quite a few difficult days getting this website to work and with my very limited knowlegde of php and web-coding it has been an eye opening experience, I really don’t know what I would have done without google and the freedom the internet has to offer, so to all who have in some way aided me in making certain features of this website function over the last few days. Thank you.