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Practicing… Not sure what for yet, but definitely practicing for something….

Little doodle…

Did me a little doodle of Ellie from the Last of Us, aged her a few years to see what she’d look like at around 18. Got inspired looking through the character art for the game, some fantastic stuff! Preparing myself for doing some similar character design work.. maybe more to follow, in between applying for jobs!

2013-07-09 16.44.40

International Self Portrait Day

Hey, was going to post some early concept work for my short animation, however thats going to take a bit more work than I thought before its ready. However, as its International Self Portrait day 😛 (well unofficial…) Decided to do another one, in acrylic this time. Hope you like =)

Sorry for the bad quality of the image, had to take a photo… no A3 scanner =(

Busy, busy, busy….

Well I have been phenomenally busy over the last few weeks with project work, who knew Uni was this hard…? We have started looking at basic creative techniques, pretty simple to be honest, the mindmap… however I must say, when I used it properly has helped me come up with more ideas than I would normally, seems to work better than I remember it at school, however I have done more of my own research into other ideas/methods… such as Edward de Bonos “Six Hats” lateral thinking exercise, which seems quite powerful, I was wondering if anyone had any other techniques or methods they use to create or find a new idea?

Apologies for the bad scanning in the larger image files – I have been scanning in A3 pages with an A4 scanner and having to recompose the image, getting better each time though so should have better scans with good colour consistency soon!

EDIT: I also just realised that the first image is missing my compound word from the top corner, have no reuploaded with the word there!

EDIT: Feedback on my work has said that I should add colour and experiment more with colour in the mindmaps to come up with colour palettes for the work.

Fruits of the Weekend

As promised here is a sample of some of what I have been working on over the last few days. I have been trying to improve line and form and actually understand how it works to be able to apply it to my life studies and works from imagination.

So far I feel I can find and block out the masses of the human body and work out other simple masses of the body also (such as the hands)

And as regards to line, a dark thick line can be used to denote shadow or a darker area (without shading) – line thickness also tends to make an area more “heavy set” and as such would not be found in abudance on softer more feminine form.

Lighter lines work conversely, giving finer or lighter areas. It is rare to see light thick lines as this tends to confuse the eye due its expectations.

Breaking lines can allow the drawing to “breath” – suggesting a line and or learning where the actually isn’t a line but a soft change of plane. Also breaks can be a good way to suggest a highlighted area.

I would like to note the above is what I “feel” I have learnt, if there is anything I have missed or things that you feel I may have gotten wrong I would love to hear your comments.

After my initial studies, I read about a method of studyin Bridgman which makes you think about the forms more by adding a third stage (blocking out the basic form, drawing the lines/planes, tonal representation) normall Bridgman only does “light” tonal representation. Also just I understand simply copying Bridgman will not bring as much understanding as I would like.

Anyway… enough rambling… here they are.

Oh and the link to that Bridgman method (some good drawings there too!)


Exhibition Pictures!

As promised to you, here are some pictures of my exhibition, quite rough with minimal editing I might clean them up better at a later date if people take interest in having some copies. The other work seen in the exhibition area (visible in the longer shots) is my girlfriends as we shared the space together. I feel its been quite succesful for me, in hindsight the classroom and the exhibition area were quite out of the way and I would have liked more people to have been easily able to see the area. Overall though I’m happy, it has been good and I have seen some pretty cool pieces of work.


Upload time!!!

My college final major project, now with the title Project: Alice has been uploaded to this site and facebook! 🙂 Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.

View the items in the Gallery by clicking here.

Also I uploaded a little watercolour I did for my girlfriends birthday, that one is in the paintings folder. (Also posted below)