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Liquid Bottle Shader

Liquid in a bottle shader – all done within shader and sine waves, no textures, entirely procedural. Local vertex position used to create multiple waves per period by multiplying with frequency.

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Brink Head WIP – It’s colourin’ thyme!

Colour is on! 🙂 So close to finishing now, needs some tweaks and details adding in here and there and then I’m about ready to call this done.

WIP – Getting closer to the finish!

Been a while since posting, this one’s getting there finally! Got some more work to do on the nose and eyes, and haven’t even thought about the ears yet, but shouldn’t be more than a few hours away from colour, didn’t realise how much detail the head needed, hope you guys enjoy 🙂 (click on the images to see full res).

Recent Life Drawings


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Sword Thing


Just a little WIP shot of something I’ve started working on, trying to get back into arty model things with some simple assets. Fair bit to go on this one though, hope to be painting it by the weekend! 🙂

Edit: Added a little colour!


Just a little dump…

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Renders from 2014

Did some work in 2014 for a job vacancy, never quite panned out for me, but I was happy with the work I did and so were they, so I’m posting it up here for you to enjoy 🙂



Also found this head that was going to be part of the line up before, but didn’t quite get finished.


Sneaky preview

Some more doodles and such, also a sneak preview of something I have started work on again, got a way to go yet, but will post updates as soon as I have something more 😉 good things are on their way.






Practicing… Not sure what for yet, but definitely practicing for something….

That Bouncy Thing

Well the game I’ve been working on for the last few months is now live for Android, we are still awaiting approval from the app store for the iOS version of the game, but will be sure to give an update as soon as it’s live. Anyone who particpated in the Beta, I offer you all a huge thank you 🙂 its help to make the experience much more stable and hopefully much more fun.

Check out the trailer here:

Download from the Play Store here:

That Bouncy Thing – Play Store